Love Made Them A Family

Throughout the years, Options has witnessed and experienced what it means to be pro-life in its many varied expressions. Yesterday was a day we will never forget for showing us the deepest meaning of being pro-life. We were invited to a celebration by the Brownell family who adopted two siblings, a girl and a boy,

CEO, Chuck Swanson Speaks About the Future of Options Ministry on K-LOVE Radio

Earlier this month, our very own Chuck Swanson was interviewed on K-LOVE radio about the life-saving work of Options’ ministry. Just in case you missed the live broadcast, we’ve provided you with the opportunity to listen to Chuck’s 30-minute interview in its entirety right from our website. Click on the arrow below to hear about

When A Client Chooses Abortion

Earlier this week an Options client chose to have an abortion. No one expected that she would go this route including herself. At her last Options appointment, she expressed a desire to carry but something mobilized her to end her pregnancy and there was no turning back. It would be fair to assume that her

A Lot to Be Thankful For

We’ve had a difficult year at Options. We’ve experienced grief and loss and the daily challenges that go with facing life without the presence of Joanne Thomas, Pat O’Neill, and other friends of Options, whom we all love and miss so much. Even so, Options has a lot to be thankful for. For one, our

Options’ Tribute to Joanne Thomas

It’s been a month since we said goodbye to Joanne Thomas and it still hasn’t sunk in that she is gone. Any moment now I half expect to see her poke her head into my office reminding me that: “It’s time for el luncho,” chiding me for making her and the rest of the staff

Now Trending at Options for Women #LIFE

Have you seen what’s trending on Social Media these days aside from politics as usual? * Dogs Everywhere Are Taking The Snoot Challenge * Japan Has a Pokemon Train * Ziplock Announces Its Own Fashion Line * An Intimate Look Inside Kylie Jenner’s Closet * Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Back! * Mind-blowing Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings-

Peace in the Storm: How Options Helps Women in Crisis Find Their Center

Yesterday, during my morning workout, something the instructor said compelled me to freeze to the mat with my arms resting at my waist and my right leg poised to cross over my left. “When you move from your center, it allows the rest of your body to relax.” Wow, I thought. It’s really true. Feeling

Saying Thank You Makes Headlines at Options!

Client Returns to Say “Thank You,” is not the kind of copy that usually makes headlines in the media but it is to us. Last week a client returned to Options for her layette basket and while she was here we asked her to describe her experience with us. Her sincere comments headlined in our

Remembering to Say Thank You!

This post goes out to all the life supporters who have been friends to Options this year. We have so much to be thankful for, and you certainly are at the top of our list. In trying to express the value of your support and what it means to our clients, I thought I would

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