Our Abortion Healing and Recovery class is created for those who may be battling feelings of hurt, regret, and confusion remaining from a past abortion(s). Our loving staff and team are available to a facilitate group discussions as they walk along the path to emotional and spiritual healing and restoration with you. Come and find healing, free of judgement and full of hope for the future. 

Healing & Hope from Abortion Recovery Classes with Options for Her!

Are you or someone you know seeking healing, freedom, and forgiveness from the pain and guilt following abortion? We invite you to join us for our Healing & Hope from Abortion class. This 10-week class will help women to look at the wounds and accompanying emotions of abortion, and lovingly guide them toward God’s grace and His renewal of the mind. Healing and forgiveness have no timeline; whether you have been hurting for days, months, or even years, there is no judgment here. 

This class will be using SaveOne: The Women’s Study*, written specifically for women seeking deliverance following an abortion. This book will serve as both a guide and workbook.

Join us Wednesdays beginning Wednesday, May 15th from 7:00PM – 8:30PM to learn how you can rely on our loving Creator for the courage to be free from the past and step into a future full of grace and redemption!

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For more information or answers to questions about our upcoming classes, email Amy at abrown@optionsforher.org!

*All materials and curriculum will be provided for those who register at no-cost

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