Are you overwhelmed by the responsibility of an unplanned pregnancy? Have questions flooding your mind, like:

  • How will I support my partner & child?
  • What will our parents think?
  • Will anyone support us?
  • What are our options?

Your partner most likely feels the same way. You are not alone! There are several steps you can take to offer support to your partner and ensure that she feels you are there for her. 

Listen to Your Partner

Even if you are anxious right now, the best thing you can do right now is go through this with your partner and support her.

Your partner may be in shock and want to talk through things. Have a listening ear and let her speak. Do your best to offer a warm and supportive presence.

Offer to go to her many pregnancy appointments so she doesn’t feel alone. You’re a team.

Consider Pregnancy Options

You both deserve to understand all your pregnancy options. Learn more about abortion, adoption, and parenting together. You and your partner have a say in your pregnancy decision. Offer as much support, or as little at times, as your partner needs.

Parenting Support

Options for Her has tools to help you cope with the challenges of parenthood, including one-on-one fatherhood mentoring at your request. We’re great connectors to whatever extra support you or your partner may need. 

You’re Not Alone

As a man, it can feel like a lot of pressure, and we’re here for you. Talk to our warm and non-judgmental team today to work through all your doubts and questions about what’s to come.

We are here to empower and encourage you as a potential father and offer many parenting resources and support if you decide to parent.

Contact us today to talk.

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