At Options, when we meet with women who come to us for help with their pregnancy decisions, we believe it is important for us to talk less and listen more. We never assume we know what our clients need or want from us. We wait until they feel comfortable enough to share their stories and to communicate their needs.

Every woman has a story.

Most women come here as a first step in coping with the news that they are pregnant. There’s so much to figure out. They may need verification from a pregnancy test or a free first-trimester ultrasound to help decide their next move.

It’s true, we offer those services to all women who enroll as our clients including a lot more awesome support, but as many of our former clients have told us, the best thing that we do is to listen.

Maybe you are someone who doesn’t know what to do about your pregnancy.

Maybe you have a lot more to figure out than how far along you are or if you even want to carry and give birth.

Maybe you don’t know where to begin your pregnancy journey or maybe you are not sure how your pregnancy story will end.

When your story branches off into the unknown, we show up to listen – if you want to share. The medical data you received at Options in the form of pregnancy verification, due date, and ultrasound results are greatly valued because it is your information. How you feel about your pregnancy is equally valued, though often underestimated. Feelings can be complex, not only affecting your pregnancy outcome but also your health, your well being and your future.

Options respects your own ideas and concerns about your pregnancy and the circumstances surrounding you. We’ll never jump in to tell you what to do but we will respectfully listen as you share information that will help you to create your own action plan. We pay attention to what is important to you; only then can we help and only if you want it.

Sometimes talking about a problem out loud with someone who won’t judge or interrupt you can bring peace and clarity. Keeping fears and anxieties trapped inside can cause negative thoughts that turn into emotional suffering and mental anguish. Sharing with someone who cares can be freeing, and can bring relief in knowing that you are not alone.

Even if the only thing we do at Options is to listen, you will leave here knowing that you have been heard.

Having someone who listens is a great gift, but to be truly heard is a treasure.

― Tatjana Urbic

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