Options has been around for 35 years offering free pregnancy support services to women in our community.

Many people have asked us during the course of these 35 years why we give our services away for free without making any profit from our clients. They don’t understand what keeps us in the game.

The answer is simple: Love.

That’s it.

No big explanation.

No hidden agenda.

There is no -if you do this, then we’ll do that.

Our clients just show up and we do what we do, a little or a lot, depending upon their asking.

Options is faith-based, founded on the principle of loving others as God loved us.

That’s why Options responds in love to our clients, especially now, when we are all faced with so many challenges, from Covid, to the economy, to strained relationships and uncertain futures.

Women with unexpected pregnancies are no exception.

A lot has changed during the 35 years we’ve been open, but certain things are as true now as they were back then.

Even in 2020, with all the technology available to us, women still get pregnant when they aren’t ready.

We understand that not every pregnancy comes at the ideal time or in the best of circumstances. Women still consider their choices, to carry or to end their pregnancies. Some women go through the pain of deciding all alone without anyone to hear them out. Some are indecisive and can find no peace with either choice. Some want more information to help them decide like an ultrasound or medical exam.

Options is here for all these women.

Options will continue to reach out in love no matter where women are in their decision. Many of us have been there. Many have struggled with the same choices. At a time like this, no woman should be alone without knowing she is loved. The least we can do is offer a network of love and support and practical help in real-time.

For over 3 decades, women know they can come to Options and be accepted for who they are and where they’re at. They know that when they walk into our center they can relax, that they will receive high-quality early pregnancy care, and emotional support, no matter what they decide.

What’s in it for us?

Love has no reward other than loving.

Each client, each human person, deserves nothing less.

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