Making a decision about who and when to call when you think you might be pregnant can be confusing. Here are the top 10 reasons why Options for Women should be first on your list.

  • When you’ve missed your period: we’ll give you a nurse administered pregnancy test for free.
  • When your periods are irregular: we’ll give you a free ultrasound for accurate dating.*
  • When you have no health insurance: we’ll give you the verification you need to sign up.
  • When considering abortion: you’ll learn the stage of pregnancy for an informed choice.
  • When you’re undecided: we’ll provide a comforting setting to review your options without stress or judgment.
  • When you need someone to talk to: we’re all ears. We ‘ll speak less and listen more.
  • When you need support: we’ll get you connected to resources and services.
  • When you need early pregnancy care: we’ll jumpstart prenatal care & refer you to a provider.
  • When you have other issues impacting your pregnancy: we’ll listen & help.
  • When you feel afraid: our nurse and advocates will support and guide you to feel empowered.

Your are not alone.

Call: 856-795-0048

  • free ultrasounds given on second visit
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