Thank you for not judging me.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard these words spoken by women (and men) who visit Options.

It seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal to go somewhere for help and not feel judged. But to the thousands of women (and men) who have visited Options throughout the years, it is the one consistent comment they come back to share with us, over and over again.

Maybe you are reading this and you are thinking about having an abortion but you’re not exactly sure. You’ve got a lot on your mind weighing you down. So you head to a clinic and tell them you are pregnant. You know abortion is available but not much more. You would like to talk it over with someone who will listen. You are afraid they will think you are a terrible person. For some reason, talking about having an abortion makes you feel more vulnerable than having one right now.

If you don’t know what you want, the clinic sends you home and tells you to come back when you are ready. There’s no shortage of women with unplanned pregnancies. At the clinic, you are just one more. The waiting room is filled with impatient patients. There’s no time for doubting, for figuring things out. Just sign on the dotted line, and wait over there. Time is money. Next.

Everyone seems so sure.

But  .

You’re not so sure.
You have questions that are not easy to ask.
You need to vent.
You need to have a real talk about abortion without feeling shame.

And you’ve had it with people rolling their eyes and raising their eyebrows as if you are taking up their valuable time.

It would be great to take a break from worrying and find a neutral place where you can talk about everything that is bothering you.

Get it all out.
Put everything on the table,
what you want,
what he wants,
what is possible or impossible for you,
real pregnancy options in real time.

Where is this place, you wonder.

It’s here -at Options.

There are no requirements from us:

No money.
Our services are free.There’s no expensive procedure at the end of your visit.
We’re here to freely listen and to help, if you want it.

No shame.
We’ll listen to whatever you have to say.
Who are we to judge your feelings?
Our nursing staff offers early pregnancy care and accurate medical guidance so that your decision will be an informed one, no matter what the outcome. Our support team knows how to deeply listen and will hold a space for your feelings and your beliefs with respect for your needs, and an eye towards resources that may help.

No rush.
We space our appointments so you never have to feel like you’re unimportant.
Because you are important.
There’s no one like you,
and you, are who we are here for.

If reading this post challenges your beliefs about Options, we welcome you to schedule an appointment, and for the record, we thank you for not judging us!

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