Let’s face it, living through the Coronavirus pandemic is no joke.

Being pregnant during this fretful time can be traumatic and seem even impossible.

But here you are with a positive pregnancy test… what will you do?

Quarantined and frightened, calling your doc to get a prescription for a do-it-yourself abortion may seem like the best choice.

How hard can it be?

Harder than you think.

The abortion pill can have more side effects than surgical abortion. There is heavier bleeding, digestive discomfort, and the possibility of incomplete abortion which may need to be followed up with a surgical procedure, and the continuation of an ongoing pregnancy if taking the pill doesn’t work. Infections and fever are possible. Medical abortion (abortion pill) also has a lower success rate than surgical abortion.

Before you try the abortion pill while quarantined in your home, educate yourself about the infection risks and side effects. You will need to follow up with a physician either in person or by phone.

Even in quarantine, you can’t do this alone.

Having an abortion is an extreme step even when done in the comfort of your home and one that will affect the rest of your life long after the current pandemic is gone.

Think about how you might feel after this current health crisis is over. Weigh your alternatives and consider the impact the abortion may have on your future.

Talk to other family members or friends who won’t add to your stress or pressure you to make a rash decision.

Seek help from a spiritual advisor or counselor – or you can call Options for Women to speak with someone who will listen, someone with whom you can feel safe, someone you can trust. We’re always here to answer your call.

These are tough times.

The quarantine may have caused a loss of income and worries over money. Troubled marriages and partnerships may be strained to their breaking point. If you live alone you may be feeling lonely and depressed.

Call us.

And how about being with your kids 24/7 without the relief of extended family to help or friends and babysitters to give you a much-needed break?

Underlying health issues apart from COVID 19 could be affecting your or a family member’s health.

Mix up all these concerns with a general fear that either you or someone you love could die from the coronavirus and you have a highly anxious state that influences every area of your life, including your pregnancy decision.

If any of the pressure points bogging you down could be lessened or removed, would you still take that pill to end your pregnancy?

Your circumstances will most likely change and improve once this pandemic ends, but nothing can improve a pregnancy once it’s aborted.

The important thing to remember is that you do have choices and there is help available to you if you want it. We’ll help you sort through the issues that complicate your unplanned pregnancy, one at a time.

Please remember, during this pandemic and after, if you are facing a crisis with your unplanned pregnancy, you are not alone, even under a quarantine.

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