Are you pregnant and in need of help? You’d like talk to someone but you’re not sure who, yet. Who can you trust with this information when you’re not ready to go public? The truth is, you might never be ready to go public with this pregnancy, not with the way your life is going right now. Who can you talk to about that?

“Ari,” was a 26 year old day care worker who recently ended a relationship before she found out she was pregnant. She knew her friends and family would encourage her to have an early abortion if she told them. Her ex was out of the picture so Ari was alone with her decision. There were so many things running through her mind. When she called Options one day, she didn’t even know what kind of help she should ask for.

“I don’t know anything,” Ari said to an Options’ navigator over the phone. “I don’t know how far along I am or if I want to keep it. And I don’t have health insurance so it’s not easy  for me to see a doctor. I don’t know where to start.”

Ari scheduled an appointment to come into Options for pregnancy verification and an ultrasound so she could evaluate her situation based on the knowledge she gained from her scan that revealed the exact stage of her pregnancy. Now Ari had something to go on. She met twice with her navigator who listened with compassion and concern when Ari laid out her situation. At no point did Ari feel pressured or judged about her unwillingness to be a mom right now, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted an abortion either. At Options she learned how she could access health insurance during her pregnancy if she  chose and how to register for prenatal care. Her navigator customized a support plan based on her specific needs and by the time Ari left the second time, she felt empowered instead of overwhelmed. With her individualized “pregnancy survival skills kit,” Ari now felt confident that she could make a decision based on her strengths and not her weaknesses.

Each year, Options serves hundreds of  clients who, like Ari, are experiencing unplanned pregnancy. That’s hundreds of women who present with hundreds of different issues that are impacting their pregnancies and their pregnancy decisions.  We specialize in early prenatal intervention, compassionate listening and boutique support services. As our website states, we also offer free STD screens for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia to women and men who are age 29 and younger.

For over 35 years, Options has offered a compassionate response to women who contact us with their unplanned pregnancies. Our best responses often begin with two questions: How can we help you? What kind of services do you need? Even if you don’t know what kind of questions to ask, we’ll help you find your voice. It all begins with you; that’s why we’re here.

  • Ari’s real name is privacy protected.
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