Coming to Options when you have an unwanted pregnancy can be like putting on a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and discomfort from the sun’s rays. The lenses are filtered to make images appear sharper and clearer and to give you a truer perception of color. Polarized lenses can literally make you see things in a new (and better) light. A street covered with dead brown leaves may look ugly and messy in the harsh unfiltered rays of the sun but with polarized lenses, the street will look like a path that is paved in warm, golden light.

Of course, changing your view of your unplanned pregnancy from a catastrophe to a difficulty with which you can cope isn’t as easy as putting on a pair of sunglasses, but Options will help you to see your situation through a lens of empowerment instead of crisis so you can confidently deal with what lies ahead.

When you first realize you’re pregnant, reality can seem harsh, confusing and messy. Things can look so hopeless when you perceive them through the lens of shock, fear and crisis.

Even though a crisis is a temporary state that will eventually pass, when you are in the thick of a crisis, time stops and you feel stuck. Your vision for your life appears distorted. Instead of the best light, you see the worst. You find it difficult to think clearly much less see what you should do next. It may be impossible for you to look at things in any other way.

When you come to Options, we’ll help you to find clarity and peace about your decision with information about your body, your health, and your pregnancy, without pressure. You can relax and gain perspective until your vision for your life is clear and true.

Options will give you a break from your pregnancy crisis in an environment designed for your comfort with a staff who really cares about what you are going through and who will pay attention to you, never minimizing your feelings.

You will receive medical attention and compassionate navigation to services that will meet your exact needs.

No one can make your pregnancy decision for you; however, choosing doesn’t have to be a lonely and stressful experience. Research shows that extreme stress negatively affects the brain and the nervous system. Making a choice under stress blurs perception and seldom leads to a confident choice. At Options, you can DE-stress while gaining a sharper view of your pregnancy and the ways your decision will impact your life.

Although, we can’t promise you’ll receive the x-ray vision of a super hero when you come to our center, you just might leave Options feeling like one.

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