Wouldn’t it be great if something like a Pavement Ends sign magically appeared at crucial moments in your life to warn you when things were about to get rough?

A sign would give you some time to brace yourself for what’s coming just before you hit the gravelly road and the bumps. You might even turn around and go back where you came from, slow down or choose a smoother path. The point is, a sign would help you to proceed with caution before you went any further.

Finding out that you’re accidentally pregnant can feel like you’re speeding out of control down a winding road with sharp twists and turns, headed for a crash. Whether it’s from hormones or the shock of finding out you’re pregnant, your emotions may be all over the place. If only you had known ahead of time that this would happen, you wouldn’t be in such a mess right now.

Where was that sign when you needed it?

Even though the road ahead seems impassable with a pregnancy that you never expected or wanted, you will get through this. Options can help you navigate the winding road, especially during the early weeks of your pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant and freaked out about your future, it might be time for you to get off the road and park at a rest stop. Many women like yourself have pulled over at Options where they were able to rest and reprogram their internal GPS until they felt ready to continue their journey with confidence and a better sense of direction.

Schedule an appointment to come in to talk with someone who will listen and care about what you are going through. You can learn how pregnant you are, discuss all the options that are open to you, and receive medical attention. We can help you plan your route and prepare you for what lies ahead at a pace that you set for yourself until you hit your cruising speed.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Right now you may be feeling anything but peaceful but we promise you will find a calm oasis at our center where you can be yourself and feel refreshed.

Take a break from panic and fear, from speeding out of control.

Our staff will do everything within our power to help you feel comfortable and safe as you figure out what to do next.

Remember, when the pavement ends and the road gets rough, Options is here to help you safely navigate the twists and turns of your accidental pregnancy.

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